Monday, May 21, 2007

Forex Trading Systems

By Kevin Anderson

The foreign exchange currency market is the largest market in the world because it trades up to $1.9 trillion daily. There is an enormous scope of trade in Forex because it is global, and is open twenty-four hours a day, making the presence of buyers and sellers constant, and the fluidity of the market, grand. The market is ever present because it does not have a central venue like Wall Street or Tokyo. It is a series of internet and telephone communications between buyers and sellers and it is not overseen by any one main authority like the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Forex is made available to traders through platforms.

Traders of Forex commonly favor Forex trading systems. Forex trading systems are methods of trading currency based on ideas that have rules associated with them. Forex trading systems are a merging of theory and practice that have been tried and tested over and over, and the results of the tests have been documented.

Some Forex trading systems are based on the idea of going against trends. Other Forex trading systems are based on the idea of going with trends. Some Forex trading systems are based on the idea of tracking breakouts of a particular currency and these Forex trading systems rely heavily on the averages of a currency’s highs and lows, and utilize “Bollinger bands” that track the average highs, the average lows and the moving average of the two.

Traders utilize Forex trading systems in order to work against human characteristics that can hamper trading, like greed, addiction, impulsivity, compulsivity and fear.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forex Trading

By Mike Abraham

Forex trading, or foreign exchange current exchange trading, is a global phenomenon. This is the single largest market in the world. There are many different market sectors that are involved with Forex trading. These include, but are not limited to;

" Banks

" Corporations

" Governments

" Individuals

What is Forex trading you ask? At its simplest, Forex trading is currency being traded for another currency. However, Forex trading is anything but simple. The market has massive trade volume and is very fluid. Not to mention the hundreds of different currencies being traded and their ever changing value.

Forex trading is a very focused area of trading, but the amount of time and

energy most people and companies spend getting trained and educated on Forex trading and its inner workings and pitfalls, is at least as much time as it takes to learn the stock market.

Because of the complexity, Forex Trading is not your typical overnight success operation. There are many large corporations, such as GCI Financial which is a market leader in this space.

Forex trading is unique in that everyone does not have access to all of the same information and prices at the same time, as they do with the stock market. I won't get into specifics here, but basically there is a tiered level whereby different levels of access are given to the Forex traders and Forex firms.

The other main thing to remember about Forex trading is, until such time that the world adopts a single currency, Forex Trading will be around for a very long time.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Global Forex Trading – The Easy Way to Make Money

By Oliver Turner

Global forex trading was founded in 1997 and is today one of the world’s leading providers when it comes to forex real time trading. Global forex trading offer you the chance to deal in real time online currency trading that is making millions of forex brokers rich each day.

Global forex trading serves over 100 countries, using its DealBrook FX2 software and 24 hour market access with one of the highest levels of customer service available in the forex trading industry. With Global forex trading forex brokers have access to pricing for more than 60 currency pair and excellent analytical services from renowned experts. There are up to the minute currency news bulletins and advanced forex charts available. Global forex trading boasts that they provide the only forex trading platform that is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Forex Trading Advantages

The forex trading market is open 24 hours a day and is today the most liquid market in the world. With forex and the available leverage strategy you can use 100 to 1 leverage which in turn reduces the need for large amounts of capital to be placed in your account. Forex trading is also commission free and trading is available on more than 60 currencies worldwide. Another advantage of forex trading is of course the fact that it is global and there are not restrictions placed on shorting which means that you can enjoy your profit opportunities no matter what the market condition.

Prior to reading this information you may have assumed that forex trading was only available for large investors but thanks to Global forex trading smaller transactions are now available which allows all traders to take part giving everyone the opportunity to profit from forex trading. Don’t you think it’s time you started profiting?

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Best Forex Trading Tips

By Tamil Selvi

We cannot say that it is very easy to make money in forex trading, but it isn’t really difficult also. It is the smart work that matters than hard work in trading currency market. Following are the essential tips on how to avoid usual pitfalls and start making more money in forex trading.

Trade in pairs not in currency- Like any relationship; you need to know both the sides. Success or failure in forex currency trading relies upon being right about both foreign currencies and how they contact each other, not just one.

Understand the basics - When you start to trading currency online, it is indispensable that you understand the basics of this particular market if you desire to make the most of your investments. The chief forex influencer is worldwide news and other related events. Most newcomers respond aggressively to news like this and close their positions and next miss out on some of the most excellent trading chances by waiting until the market goes down. The latent in the forex market is in the instability, not when it is clam.

Self-government - If in case you are fresher to forex, you would either choose to trade your own money or to have a forex broker trading it for you. It is good but your risk of losing augments tremendously if you either of these two things: you also need to interfere with what your forex broker do on your behalf; seek counsel from too many other sources - many input would only result in multiple losses. Take a location, ride with it and then analyze the result - by yourself, for yourself.

Small margins – Small margin trading is one of the leading benefits in trading forex as it permits you to do trading in the amounts far bigger than the total of your deposits. However, it could as well be risky to beginner traders as it could demand to the voracity factor, which wipes out many forex traders. The best guideline is to boost your leverage in line with your skill and success.

Trade during Off-Peak Hours - Professional FX traders, option traders, and other hedge funds mobs a wide benefit over small retail traders in off-peak hours (usually between 2200 CET and 1000 CET) as they could hedge their place and move them around when there is far tiny trade volume is going through (that simply means that their risk is smaller).

Trade on the news - Most of the actually big trade market moves arise around news time. Trading volume is lofty and the moves are very important; this means there is no superior time to trade than when news is actually released. This is when the big players alter their places and prices alter resulting in a somber currency flow.

Confidence - Confidence comes from winning forex trading. If you lose money early in your trading career it's extremely hard to gain it back; the ploy is not to go off half-cocked; study the forex business before you start to trade. Keep in mind, knowledge is power.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Investing In Forex

by: Joe Clinton

Investing in foreign currencies is a relatively new avenue of investing. There are considerably fewer people are aware of this market than there are people aware of several other avenues of investing. Trading foreign currency, also known as forex, is the most lucrative investment market that exists. There are several factors that make this true among which, successful forex traders earn realistic profits of one hundred plus percent each month. Compared to some of the better known investment markets such as corporate stocks, this is an unheard of return on investment. It's very necessary to mention here that a person who invests in forex must, without exception, make it a point to learn the detailed, but simple strategies and information surrounding the market. This very fact is what makes the difference between successful forex traders and other traders.

A few additional points, which create such powerful leverage for investors within the forex market are: The amount of capital required to begin investing in the market is only three hundred dollars. For the most part, any other investment market is going to demand thousands of dollars of the investor in the beginning. Also, the market offers opportunities to profit regardless what the direction of the market may be; In most commonly known markets investors sit and wait for the market to begin an up trend before entering a trade. Even then, investors, as a rule must sit and wait some more to be able to exit the trade with a nice profit. Given that the forex market produces several up, down, and sideways trends in a single day, it can easily be seen that forex stands head and shoulders above other markets. Additionally there are trading strategies, which are taught that provide for compounded profits; these are profits on top of profits. In addition, free demo accounts are available within the industry of forex trading, which facilitate the sharpening of skills without the risk losing any capital. And the advantage regarding the time factor in trading foreign currency is a very attractive point for any investor. Compared to one of the most sought after avenues of investing, which often requires forty or more hours each week, namely in the real-estate market, the forex market requires a much smaller demand on the investor's time. Forex trading requires approximately ten to fifteen hours each week to earn a full time income. It's easy to see that the advantages and great leverage that exist in the forex market, make it among the most lucrative, time liberating, and easy to enter by far.

I hope this information gives you a clear understanding of how you can turn your investing into a true method of making your money work harder for you.


Joe Clinton.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why Trade the FOREX?

by: Susan Walker

My purpose for writing this article is to demonstrate to you the advantages of trading on the FOREX market. However, there is one myth that I want to dispel before I go further. The myth is that there is a difference between trading and investing. To dispel that myth I quote from Al Thomas, President of Williamsburg Investment Company, who wrote “If It Doesn’t Go Up, Don’t Buy It”. He said “Everyone who invests is a trader, only the time period is different.” It is a lesson that I took seriously after taking a beating in the stock market in 2000.

So now, let’s compare features of currency trading to those of stock and commodity trading.

Liquidity - The FOREX market is the most liquid financial market in the world around 1.9 trillion dollars traded everyday. The commodities market trades around 440 billion dollars a day, and the US stock market trades around 200 billion dollars a day. This ensures better trade execution and prevents market manipulation. It also ensures easily executable trading.

Trading Times – The FOREX market is open 24 hours a day (except weekends) which means that in the US it opens at 3:00 pm Sunday (EST) and closes Friday at 5:00 (EST), allowing active traders to choose the times they want to trade. Commodities trading hours are all over the board depending on which commodity you are trading. Including extended trading times US stocks can be traded from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (ET) on weekdays.

Leverage – Depending on your FOREX account size, your leverage may be 100:1, although there are FOREX brokers that offer leverage of up to 400:1 (not that I would ever recommend that kind of leverage). Leverage in the stock market can be as high as 4:1, and in the commodities market, leverage varies with the commodity traded but it can be quite high. Because the commodity markets are not as liquid as the FOREX market, its leverage is inherently riskier. Although I was never shut out of a commodity trade by the day limit, the fear was always in the back of my mind.

Trading costs – Transaction costs in the FOREX market is the difference between the buy and sell price of each currency pair. There are no brokerage fees. For both the stock and the commodity markets, there are transaction costs and brokerage fees. Even when you use discount brokers, those fees add up.

Minimum investment – You can open a FOREX trading account for as little as $300.00. It took $5,000 for me to open my futures trading account.

Focus – 85% of all trading transactions are made on 7 major currencies. In the US stock market alone there are 40,000 stocks. There are just over 200 commodity markets, although quite a few are so illiquid that they are not traded except by hedgers. As you can see, the fewer number of instruments allows us to study each one more closely.

Trade execution – In the FOREX market, trade execution is almost instantaneous. In both the equity and commodity markets, you count on a broker to execute your trades and their results are sometimes inconsistent.

While all of these features make trading the FOREX market very attractive, it still requires a lot of education, discipline, commitment and patience. All trading can be risky.

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